Owner + Designer

Bri McCaffrey is a Houston-based residential interior designer specializing in home furnishings, remodels, and new build construction. As the owner and principal designer, Bri offers her clients a wealth of design experience ranging from model home design to high-end, custom build & interior design projects. Her client-driven process focuses on functionality and design preferences. Influenced by travel experiences throughout her childhood, and the opportunity to explore the beauty of architecture and design around the world, Bri’s love of design was born. Today, much of her design ethos is rooted in modernism. When designing for clients, Bri’s goal is to create warm, modern, yet comfortable spaces, blending organic elements with thoughtfully inspired details that give each design a curated and timeless feel. Bri’s true passion lies in creating beautiful spaces meant for living, and in thinking that one’s environment can truly impact their everyday life.